Breaks, Reversals & Paddling

Add rhythm to your hoop dance! | taught by Sandra Safire

Course description

Breaks and reversals can completely revolutionize the way your hoop dance, giving you full control and understanding of how you can stop and quickly manoeuvre the hoop in any way you want. This class will cover all cheat hooping related breaks, including paddling, as well as a ton of other offer body reversals and popular trick breaks.

21+ Tutorials in this course:

  1. Why breaks are awesome!
  2. History and Terminology
  3. Types of Hoop to Use for Breaks
  4. General Tips
  5. Basic Waist Breaks
  6. Waist Taps + Patterns
  7. Waist: Knee Break
  8. Chest: Horizontal Outside Breaks
  9. Chest: Cradles
  10. Chest: Across Cradles
  11. Chest: Elbow Breaks
  12. Chest: Inside & Cross Breaks
  13. Chest: Paddling & Patterns
  14. Chest: Sticky Breaks
  15. Vertical Hand Breaks
  16. Horizontal Off Body Cradle Breaks
  17. Off body Cross Break + Unwind
  18. Fishtail Breaks
  19. Tuck Reverse
  20. Vertical Chest Hooping Knee Breaks
  21. Knee Breaks & Reversals (Scissor Switches)
  22. Off Body Knee Breaks
  23. The Step Through Reverse
  24. Vortex Breaks
  25. Floor Taps and Grabs

Sandra Safire
Sandra Safire
Hoop Dance Instructor

Meet your Instructor: Safire

Safire has been teaching hoop dance since 2006. Graduating from University with a degree in Education, Safire is well known for her teaching skills and her ability to break down even the most complex moves. She's won awards in hoop dance, has taught in 16 different countries around the world, and has been working as a full-time hoop dance performer and instructor for the past 10 years.



“I have enrolled in every class! She is an amazing teacher; I've made so much progress since joining. Thanks Safire!” Susan


“You will not find more comprehensive hoop dance instruction anywhere. Safire has a degree in education and that is evident in her instruction. No matter what type of learner you are, she will break it down for you in a way you can understand." Tara


"You won’t be disappointed, even if it’s a class of moves you already know. If you are contemplating whether to enrol or not, definitely go for it! You will find new ways of looking at them & moving with them." Missina Lee


"Safire explains things so well! I was struggling to refine many of the moves that I had learned from random free tutorials on youtube. I find the way that Safire explains things excellent and I have already corrected many of the little things I was doing wrong. I wish I'd signed up sooner as I know I would be farther in my hooping skills by now, rather than wasting time trying to figure out what to do, I would have been practicing the correct technique. Thank you so much - one very happy hooper!!!" Dawn Creevy


How can I pay for a course?

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards. Pricing is in U.S. Dollars.

Can I stream the videos on my phone?

Yes! You'll be able to stream the videos online, anywhere, anytime.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! All videos are also available for download. They will work on both PC, Macs, as well iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

When does the course expire?

Never! You will always have access to your courses. Some of my students from 2008 are still hooping with me today and have enjoyed the benefits of newly updated videos in classes they bought almost a decade ago!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Classroom!
Day 1: Introduction - Why learning breaks is great for your hooping!
Day 1: History and Terminology
Day 1: Types of Hoops
Day 1: Tips for Breaks & Reversals
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Waist Breaks
Day 2: Basic Breaks at the Waist
Day 3: Waist Taps
Day 4: Waist Hooping Knee Break
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Hand Breaks
Day 5: Horizontal Outside Breaks
Day 5: Cradle Breaks
Day 5: Across Cradle Break
Day 6: Vertical Hand Breaks 1
Day 6: Vertical Hand Breaks 2
Day 6: Vertical Hand Breaks 3
Day 7: Fishtail Break
Day 8: Vertical Inside Hand Breaks 1
Day 8: Vertical Inside Hand Breaks 2
Day 9: Tuck Reverse
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Chest Hooping
Day 10: Intro to Chest Breaks
Day 11: Pinch Breaks
Day 12: Inside Chest Break
Day 12: Pop Around
Day 13: Cross Breaks 1
Day 13: Cross Breaks 2
Day 14: Vertical Chest Knee Breaks
Day 15: Continuous Vertical Chest Hooping Knee Breaks
Day 16: Horizontal Chest Hooping Knee Breaks
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Leg Breaks and Other Fun Moves
Day 17: Scissor Switch
Day 17: Scissor Switch Back
Day 18: Step Through Reverse
Day 19: Vortex Breaks
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Trick Breaks
Day 20: Body Breaks
Day 20: Off Body Knee Breaks
Day 21: Paddling
Day 21: Floor Taps & Grabs
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Final Chapter
Stay Connected
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Reviews (1)

Breaks are the best!

by Melissa Collins
I never really thought about doing breaks but when Safire made this class I signed up. I didn't know how much it would open up my flow and freedom of movement with the hoop. It's been an awesome addition to my hooping.

Breaks are the best!

by Melissa Collins
I never really thought about doing breaks but when Safire made this class I signed up. I didn't know how much it would open up my flow and freedom of movement with the hoop. It's been an awesome addition to my hooping.