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FAQs About Safire's Hoop Dance Performance Training

How long is the course?
The program is 12 weeks long, and completed online, each week you'll gain access to new content and information provided through written text, PDFs, Video Tutorials, and more. After viewing all the content, and completing the assignments, you'll have a one-on-one Skype session with Safire where she can provide you with personalized feedback for improving your performance skills, your demo reel, and your performance acts.

What's kind of information is provided in the training?
In this training I combined all my knowledge of performance to create a course program that will help you develop your skills as a hoop dance performer. Whether you are brand new to the stage or have years of experience under your belt, this course will provide lots of new ideas on the art of performance. Over the past 10 years I have had the joy of performing to people of all ages, backgrounds, and languages. This course will cover a range of topics, from how to choreograph an act, writing an entire show, engaging your audience, coming up with new jokes and show ideas, learning other non hoop props, picking out music, marketing yourself as a performer, developing your confidence, and more. *See the full list below.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?
It is your decision when you would like to complete the assignments in the course. There is no time cap on the course. Meaning if you enrol in the training and something in life comes up and you cannot hand everything in until later, then this is fine. There is no completion deadline, you work at your own pace. However, you are subject to receiving e-mails from me asking why you haven't been handing in your assignments. :)

What kind of assignments are there?
There are several recommended assignments to guide you through the course. These include several written responses to questions, creating a performance demo reel, and writing a choreographed hoop act. Once your assignments are completed you'll get the chance to have a one-on-one Skype session with Safire to discuss your videos, receive feedback, and ask any additional questions you like!

Is this a certification program?
No, this program is not intended to provide you with a certification (unlike my teacher training). You can however share with potential clients that you have taken this course. As well, upon completion of the program and after our one-on-one Skype session, you'll receive a performer package from me in the mail.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. You can pay in one payment of $395, make two monthly payments of $199, or in three monthly payments of $135. You should easily be able to pay off the cost of this course in one or two performances.

Safire  .
Safire .
Hoop Instructor

Safire has been teaching hoop dance since 2006. Graduating from University with a degree in Education, Safire is known for her skills as a teacher and her ability to break down even the most complex moves. She has won awards in hoop dance, has taught in 15 countries around the world, and works full-time as a hoop dance performer and instructor.

• 2016 – Most Influential Flow Artist (CanSpin)
• 2013 – Fire Hooper of the year
• 2010 – Hoop Video of the year
• 2009 – Hoop Instructor of the year

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction and Welcome
Introduction to the Performance Class
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Finding your Reasons to Perform
Assignment: Why do you want to become a performer?
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Week 1: The Business Side (Ewwwww... the boring stuff.)
Introduction to Being an Entrepreneur
Choosing a Performance Name
E-mails and Dealing with Clients
Recognizing your Clientele
Writing Contracts and Invoices
Saving Money as a Hoop Performer
Business Checklist
Assignment: Making a Game Plan
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Week 2: Marketing your Show
Getting a Logo
Business Cards
Advertising Online
Building a Website
Getting Repeat Customers
News and Public Media Attention
Resource: Sample Press Release
Video: Sample Interview with Safire
Popular Interview Questions
Building Credentials and Accolades
How to Write a Great Performance Intro
Teaching Classes to Promote your Performances
Assignment: How will you promote your performances?
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Week 3: Types of Performances
Places you can Perform & Services you can Provide
***What should I charge for my performances?
Assignment: What kind of performer do I want to be?
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Week 4: Roving
Interacting with Guests
Creating a Character
Roving Tricks and Style
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Unit 5: Gogo and Bar Shows
Introduction to Bar and Gogo Style Performing
Troubleshooting Tips
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Week 6: Performing for Children
Kids Shows: Costuming, Movement, and Voice
Doing a Kids Show
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Week 7: Stage Shows & Longer Shows
Introduction to Stage Shows
Setting the Stage
Introductions and Announcements
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Week 8: Duo and Troupe Shows
Solo Performances Vs. Troupe Shows
Creating Group Choreography
Writing Troupe Shows
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Week 9: How to Write Acts and Shows
***Putting Together an Act
***How to Choreograph an Act
Top 10 Recommended Hoop Moves for Performing
Resource: Audio of Silence Track
***Creating a Full Show
***Costuming Ideas and Suggestions
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Unit 10: Being at the Gig
***Making a Performance Show Kit
Dealing with Nerves
Setting up Music
Meeting the Client
***What to Include in a Fire Kit
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Week 11: Building your Skills as a Performer
***Building Confidence as a Performer
*** 8 Tips for Improving Performance Skills
***Creating Different Themes to your Shows
***15 New Performance Skills you could also Learn
***Connecting with other performers
Assignment: My Previous Experience
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Week 12: Closing and One-on-One Session
Congratulations and Closing Video
***Full Assignment List - 8 Altogether
Book your 1hr. Personal Skype Session with Safire
Post Program Perks
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