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FAQs About Safire's Hoop Dance Teacher Training

How long is the course?
The program is 12 weeks long, and completed online, each week you'll gain access to new content and information provided through written text, PDFs, Video Tutorials, and more. After viewing all the content, passing all the assignments, and having your one-on-one Skype session with Safire, you'll have completed the course and become certified.

What's kind of information is provided in the training?
In this training I combine all my knowledge of teaching to create a course program that will help you set up and facilitate you own personal hoop dance classes. I began teaching hoop dance while completing my Bachelor of Education at the University of Lethbridge as a way to develop my skills as a teacher. Over the past 10 years I have had the joy of teaching hooping to people of all ages, backgrounds, languages, and capabilities. This class will cover a range of topics, from how to write a lesson plan, structuring your courses, engaging your students, coming up with new activities and ideas to teach, picking out music, marketing your classes, developing your confidence, and more. *See the full list below.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?
It is your decision when you would like to certify and there is no time cap on the course. Meaning if someone enrols in the training and something in life comes up and they cannot apply for certification until later, then this is fine. There is no completion deadline, you work at your own pace. However, you are subject to receiving e-mails from me asking why you haven't been handing in your assignments. :)

What kind of assignments will I need to complete?
There are 8 assignments to be completed in order to qualify for certification. These include several written responses to questions, submitting a demo of yourself hooping, as well as a video of yourself instructing a class. Once your assignments are completed you'll get the chance to have a one-on-one Skype session with Safire to discuss your videos and ask any additional questions you like!

Do I need to pay for certification or pay an annual licensing fee?
No, certification is absolutely free and comes with the training and unlike some fitness programs, there is no annual licensing fee to use any of my course material. It's yours to keep.

Do I have to teach the lessons exactly as they are?

Absolutely not. My teacher training is less about teaching only my methods and more about focusing you and growing your skills as a teaching. I have chosen to put an emphasis on developing yourself personally as a teacher so that you can grow as an individual instructor. In addition to offering sample lesson plans, you'll also learn how to create and develop your very own course material so you can create a class that suites your student needs and your personal teaching style.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. You can pay in one payment of $395, make two monthly payments of $199, or in three monthly payments of $135.

Safire  .
Safire .
Hoop Instructor

Safire has been teaching hoop dance since 2006. Graduating from University with a degree in Education, Safire is known for her skills as a teacher and her ability to break down even the most complex moves. She has won awards in hoop dance, has taught in 15 countries around the world, and works full-time as a hoop dance performer and instructor.

• 2016 – Most Influential Flow Artist (CanSpin)
• 2013 – Fire Hooper of the year
• 2010 – Hoop Video of the year
• 2009 – Hoop Instructor of the year

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction and Welcome
Video: Welcome!
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Video: Finding your Teaching Style
Assignment: Why you want to teach hoop dancing?
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Week 1: Setting up Your Classes
Introduction to Being an Entrepreneur
Finding a Studio
Places to Teach
Things to Look for in a Studio
Tips for Teaching Outside
What Should I Charge for my Classes?
Ways to Collect Payment
Student Numbers: How many students to have in one class?
Resource: Class Punch Cards
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Week 2: The Business Side (Ewwwww... the boring stuff.)
Video: Naming your Company
Choosing a Company Identity
Accounting and Budgeting Tips
The Services Your Company Can Provide
Business Checklist
Assignment: Making a Game Plan
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Week 3: Marketing & Advertising
Video: Marketing Yourself
Getting a Logo
Business Cards
Posters: Design Tips and Where to Post
Advertising Online
Building a Website
Ideas for Promotions
Performing as a way to Promote Classes
Mailing Lists and Gathering Contacts
News and Public Media Attention
Video: Sample Interview with Safire
Popular Interview Questions
Resource: Sample Press Release
Building Credentials and Accolades
Assignment: How will you promote your classes?
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Week 4: Learning How to Teach
Creating a Healthy and Welcoming Environment
Learning How to Teach
Learning Styles
Various Teaching Methods and How to Use Them
Stages of Trick Understanding: Trick Breakdown
Tools for Individual Troubleshooting
Reflective Journaling
Video: Lesson Reflections
Assignment: Six Lesson Reflections
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Week 4: How to Lesson Plan
How to Write a Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Template
Creating a Unit or Class Series
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Week 5: Lesson Plans for Classes 1 - 12
Course Quick Reference Chart
Beginner Level 1: Classes 1-6
Teaching Beginner Level 2
Beginner Level 2: Classes 7-12
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Week 5: Video Tutorials of Tricks
Preparing to Teach
Waist Hooping
The Peacock
Passing Around
Revolving Door
Jumping to Waist
Students with some previous Experience
Hand and Arm Dancing
The Box Step
Toe Taps
The Helicopter
Above the Head
Front Lift
Front Down
Knee Hooping
Neck Hooping
Neck to Chest Hooping
Introduction to Chest Hooping
Chest Hooping: No Arms
The Shimmy
Chest Hooping: Arms In
Stepping out of the Hoop
Foot Pick Ups
Vertical Hand Hooping
Weaving the Hoop
Changing Planes
Back Lift
Back Down
Vortex Shoulder Drills
The Vortex
The Jump Through
Knee Chi Up
Chest Chi Up
Pixie Jump Through
J Motion Throw - Old School Video Tutorial
Walking the Dog - Old School Video Tutorial
Hand Cycles
Stirring the Pot - Old School Video Tutorial
The Corkscrew
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Week 5: Video Tutorials of Combo Moves
Combo 01
Combo 02
Combo 03
Combo 04
Combo 05
Combo 06
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Week 6: Class Activities and Exercises
Icebreakers and Group Activites
Warm Ups
Flow Challenges
Cool Downs
Assignment: What is a great class activity you have experienced?
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Week 7: Classroom Management
Types of Students you'll Experience
​Competition Reduction
What to do if you have an Overqualified Student
Adjusting to Your Students
Ideas for Instructing Mixed Skill Level Classes
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Week 8: Creating Workshops & Other Forms of Teaching
Creating your Own Course
Creating Themed Classes or Workshop Topics
Where to Offer Workshops
How much to Charge for Workshops
Hoop Jams
Drop-In Classes
Teaching Private Lessons
Team Teaching
Assignment: Create a Unique Lesson Plan
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Week 9: Making and Selling Hoops
Making Hoops for your Students
Types of Hoop you Can Make or Sell
Selling Hoops in Class
Tips for Selling Hoops
Custom Hoops vs. Pre-Made Hoops
Making Hoops - Part 1
Making Hoops - Part 2
Kinds of Hoop Tape - Part 1
Kinds of Hoop Tape - Part 2
How to Tape Hoops - Part 1
How to Tape Hoops - Part 2
Resource: Tape Display Sheet
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Week 10: Music & Tone of your Class
Setting Class Tone with your Voice
Energy Levels & Choice Words
Using a Microphone While Teaching
Setting Class Tone with Music & Setting
Class Music: Tips for selecting great tunes!
Resource: Audio Silence Track
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Week 11: Becoming a Leader & Building Confidence
Inspiring Others
Challenging Yourself
Building Student Confidence
Teaching students to Love the Process
Love the Process Video
Meditation and Hooping
Connecting with Other Teachers
Developing and Maintaining a Personal Practice
16 Steps to Jumpstart you Hoop Practice
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Week 12: Certification
Video: Closing
Full Assignment List - 8 Altogether
Book your 1hr. Personal Skype Session with Safire
Post Program Perks
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Reviews (1)

5 Stars - A great resource for Teachers

by Stephanie Scarborough Hoopers
This site is wonderful! It is loaded with information. You will not be disappointed with this course. Thank you so much Safire for taking the time and dedication to put all of this together.

5 Stars - A great resource for Teachers

by Stephanie Scarborough Hoopers
This site is wonderful! It is loaded with information. You will not be disappointed with this course. Thank you so much Safire for taking the time and dedication to put all of this together.