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The Bonus Class is like no other hoop dance resource. This class discusses the world of hoop dance, how to teach yourself moves, dancing with the hoop, expressing yourself and more!

Safire  .
Safire .
Hoop Instructor

Safire has been teaching hoop dance since 2006. Graduating from University with a degree in Education, Safire is known for her skills as a teacher and her ability to break down even the most complex moves. She has won awards in hoop dance, has taught in 15 countries around the world, and works full-time as a hoop dance performer and instructor.

• 2016 – Most Influential Flow Artist (CanSpin)
• 2013 – Fire Hooper of the year
• 2010 – Hoop Video of the year
• 2009 – Hoop Instructor of the year

Course Curriculum

Tips for Learning
Class Introduction
Breaking Down Tricks
Love the Process
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